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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling provides dedicated space for you to explore your history, your emotions, and your self. We will work together to understand your patterns, habits, and ways of thinking in order to move towards a greater well being.

Couples Counseling

I offer couples counseling for adults seeking understanding and conflict resolution/exploration within their relationship. Whether your goal is to move through conflict, separate supportively, grow deeper together, or simply explore, we will work collaboratively to ensure each person has the opportunity to share and seek understanding within the context of the relationship.


Serving those in Florida, Georgia & New Mexico

 At A Shared Path Therapy we  provide a safe environment empathetic environment to support you as to explore who you truly are, heal from past pain and trauma and create the life you want to live.  Through adopting a holistic approach to healing and providing a non-judgmental, compassionate approach and environment our clients find the courage, strength and resiliency that leads to healing. We specialize in counseling for individuals with depression, anxiety, family conflict, self-esteem/ empowerment issues, parenting concerns, grief/ loss, separation/divorce/life transitions, trauma, and anger management. Our therapists use individualized, strengths based approaches incorporating various techniques and evidenced based treatment modalities including CBT, Trauma Focused CBT, EMDR, DBT,  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Positive Psychology, Solution Focused and other modalities.

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