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Sherry Lebeznick Brown, LCSW,/LMSW/LSCSW  C-DBT
Owner & Therapist


Do you find yourself feeling anxious, depressed, or feeling like things are out of balance?  Are you working to heal from past trauma, hurt or loss?  Maybe you have spent so long caring for others you've forgotten how to care for yourself?   Welcome, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years’ experience. My passion is to help you heal, learn and grow to achieve the life you desire to live.

As a certified DBT therapist using an integrative approach I provide an empathetic, supportive and affirming environment and use a integrative approach which incorporates evidenced based modalities to treat depression, anxiety, emotional regulation difficulties, perinatal/ postpartum concerns, parenting concerns, ADHD, and related concerns. I am pleased to provide evaluations, counseling and clinical supervision  in New Mexico, Michigan, Florida & Kansas. 

Paige Whitten, LPC 

Clinical Counselor Providing Evaluations & Counseling Services in Georgia & Florida

Are you struggling to cope with the stresses and challenges of life? Are you working to heal from trauma, anxiety or depression? Navigating life's challenges can leave you feeling isolated and alone - You are not alone; I am here to help. I work with teens and adults and can help you heal from trauma, decrease anxiety, improve your mood, and navigate life stresses/transitions. The use of tele-therapy allows you to access therapy where you are and in an environment that feels most comfortable to you.

Together we will work to reach your goals to create health and healing. I am a trained & certified in EMDR therapist and use other focused therapies such as CBT, Somatic, DBT Etc.  My approach is person-centered & client-directed, with a focus on trauma, health & healing. We will work to create healing and the life you deserve to live.

Alice (Allie) Jax,  LPCC
Clinical Counselor Providing Evaluations & Counseling Services in New Mexico 


Are you feeling overwhelmed, angry, hopeless, or plagued with anxiety? Does life seem to be filled with

never-ending obstacles or keep you stuck in negative patterns? Let’s talk. I work with individuals and couples to help heal past and present hurts, learn strategies to deal with difficult emotions and overcome specific life challenges. I am a licensed counselor with 12 years  experience helping people heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, eating disorders, and other life stresses or events.  It is my passion to help others not only heal, but to truly thrive. I strongly believe that we are endowed with the strength and an innate ability to flourish. As a skilled and compassionate clinician, I can help you learn to draw upon those strengths and learn techniques to realize your life’s potential.  I take a person-centered approach to and use various modalities including solution focused therapy, Dialectical Behavioral therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) and reality therapy to help you achieve the peace and stability you deserve in your life.  I look forward to working with you.

Stephanie Smith, LPCC

Clinical Counselor Providing Evaluations and Counseling  in New Mexico

 I am licensed by the state of New Mexico as  a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPCC) and enjoy helping people gain skills that restore their sense of self, confidence, and willingness to actively navigate the dynamics of their life.  I strive to foster calm, stability, a sense of inner control, and interest in authentic connection. I look forward to supporting you through issues including anxiety, depression, codependency, substance misuse/abuse, grief, anger, lack of boundaries, trauma, compassion fatigue, and eating disorders. I hold a Master of Science in General Mental Health Counseling with specializations in addiction treatment and somatic psychology. I hold a dual BA in Gender Studies and Sociology. I excel at supporting members of the LBGTQIA+ community in the pursuit of Mental Health. I am an intersectional feminist and therapist. I have been a field researcher at the University of Arizona and for the University of Michigan in dynamic community wellness initiative grants. We will work from a client centered approach to help you clarify your needs, be a safe place to voice your feelings and embolden your skills to live the life you want.  

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